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Clothing Label Very Important

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Clothing label or many people call it as brand label is the most important thing of an industry especially for fashion industry. Why? It is because clothing label has an important role as the identity of your product. Usually people use their names or even  names of their family such as their parents, children, or their wifes or husbands as a brand of fashion products they produce. Ordinary clothing label is placed on the collar. But for pants, clothing labels made of leather and placed in the top pocket. For shirts, sometimes a lot of fashion manufacturers who put their label on the lower end of the T-shirt or the edge of the sleeve. The placement of the labels can be customized to your liking.

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Label Woven Damask

Feature Label Qualified Clothes

Label Woven Damask

We will be a little sharing of information characteristic quality clothing label. Our goal is to help the manufacturers of fashion so as not wrong in choosing quality clothing label.
The first can be seen is in terms of material. Material quality clothing label very much, but the most popular are woven damask, satin printing, satin damask. Clothing label material above can be your capital to determine the characteristics of the clothing label of quality.
For further quality characteristic of the clothing label is attractive in terms of color. Mean that in terms of attractive colors namely the color of the clothing label look more solid and stronger. As well as the color of the clothes label durable and does not fade. In addition, it can provide color in design with very small pixels.

And to further characterize the clothing label of quality that is in terms of design. Label design fashion clothes every company is different. But from the design of the clothing label can be seen quality. So, if you make a label design clothes should be more attractive, in order to label the clothes look good quality.
That third characteristic quality clothing label. Hopefully the characteristics of the clothing label of quality information above can help to really get quality clothing label. So, to keep in mind the characteristics of quality clothing labels are the materials used, the colors are solid and attractive design.

Label Woven Damask

Woven Clothing Labels

Label Woven Damask

www.javalabel.com provides you with high quality custom woven clothing labels. Our woven clothing labels are made to your specifications including colors, styles, logos based on your interest. We offer professional services, low minimum quantities at very affordable prices. Send your artwork by email at orderjavalabel@gmail.com and we will give you the estimate prices of each material as well. Or we can help you to do the artwork for free if you needed. Kindly visit us on website www.javalabel@gmail.com to find out what we have done for our customers and you can make your decision for making some order.

We also give you another material that you can choose. They are printed satin, printed nylon, satin damask, cotton and paper tag. for your information, satin has been very popular these days. It is because satih has shiny look and soft thread. Therefore,many people loves it. It is really comfortable to use especially for kids clothes.

Send your artwork by email to orderjavalabel@gmail.com and we will do the rest for you. Right affter your label is finished, we wil get back to you as soon as possible. We do the fastest delivery service with professional expedition vendor. You can do some touch with us by add us on facebook “java label” and you can ask anything you need to know about clothing label. we will kindly answer anything you ask for