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Clothing Label Very Important

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Clothing label or many people call it as brand label is the most important thing of an industry especially for fashion industry. Why? It is because clothing label has an important role as the identity of your product. Usually people use their names or even  names of their family such as their parents, children, or their wifes or husbands as a brand of fashion products they produce. Ordinary clothing label is placed on the collar. But for pants, clothing labels made of leather and placed in the top pocket. For shirts, sometimes a lot of fashion manufacturers who put their label on the lower end of the T-shirt or the edge of the sleeve. The placement of the labels can be customized to your liking.

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Woven Damask Label

Clothing label as an identity

Woven Damask Label

Clothing label is an important aspect in the fashion industry. The reason is that the clothing label is an identity for a product to be marketed. As many people know that the quality of the products can be known from the creator. The brand is the most important thing that must be considered. In determining a name for a brand is also not an easy thing. We need to find a name that people can remember easily. Mostly people use their family name or another name for its beautiful meaning.

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